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Connecting Worlds

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About Ruperez International LLC

Husband and wife team Javier and Rakela Ruperez have combined their experience in global business, politics and diplomacy to establish Ruperez International LLC, a strategic planning, advisory and advocacy firm.


As a former Spanish politician, diplomat and UN Under Secretary General, Ambassador Javier Ruperez offers intense expertise in international political relations, government advocacy and security and terrorism risk.  A published author and frequent newspaper contributor, Javier provides keen analysis and insight into today’s most pressing international issues.


An early interest in international politics led Rakela to work as a researcher at NATO in Brussels and as an advisor in both the Canadian and Spanish Parliaments. When Javier was appointed Ambassador of Spain to the United States she earned her MBA in Finance and International Business and began her second career as an International Business Consultant, helping companies in a variety of industries introduce their goods, services and investments into new markets.


In tandem with an elite group of diverse advisors, Ruperez International LLC works closely with each client to elaborate a strategic plan of action according to that client’s specific business development needs. We open and sustain lines of communication with political, business and financial leaders to establish, build and enhance client relationship networks in market and to identify and mitigate economic and political risks. 


Based in Madrid and Washington DC, Ruperez International LLC also has significant outreach capacity to the Hispanic community in the US and to the countries of both Latin America and Africa.